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Welcome Wuxi Xinguang!

Jiangsu Multicolor Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., was established in 1987. It is a high-tech and provincial nonstate-owned science and technology enterprise. It possesses three subsidiaries: Wuxi Xinguang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Yixin Multicolor Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and Xinyi Multicolor Fine Chemical Co., Ltd..

The company possesses assets of over RMB 200 millions and has the capacity of 5000 tons of Azo Pigments, 800 tons of Pigment Violet 23 and 1,500 tons of Pigment Paste & Preparations as well as other high class pigments and intermediates per year. Company also sets up sell companies and branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shantou, Shaoxing in China, over 80% of our products were exported to over 30 countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia etc.

There are over 230 employees working here including 50 technicians and 6 professional experts as well as a Research & Develop center which makes great developments in new type to cater for requirement of different customers.

In 1998, the company passed inspection of National Environmental Protection Control in Taihu Lake Basin. The company was certified with ISO9002 in 1999 and ISO9001:2000 in 2001. The Trademark "999" has been acknowledged as a Famous Brand of Jiangsu Province.

We are looking forward to cooperating with customers all over the world and create a better future together.

Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd. has acquired the Pigments and Pigment Preparations business of Jiangsu Multicolor Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and of Wuxi Xinguang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. The transaction was completed on 27 September 2013. As of such date, Clariant took over and continues the Businesses. Jiangsu Multicolor Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.will continue to toll manufacture the known pigments for Clariant; Wuxi Xinguang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. will continue to promote and sell pigment preparations for textile printing. For more information or any related inquiries, please visit Clariant Greater China website or Clariant BU Pigments website at .
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